Showcase Deck at Seatrade Europe 2019

14:00 - 14:30

Cruise Passengers Welcome - Balanced Tourism Solutions by SeaConsult & TRIAD

Overcrowding has evolved to be one of the major challenges the cruise industry is facing these days. But how do you optimize cruise passenger flows in a way that destinations, locals, cruise lines and passengers themselves benefit out of it?

Developed out of a joint venture, SeaConsult and TRIAD offer an innovative two-step approach to solving the problem of overcrowding in destinations while at the same time improving the travel experience of cruise passengers.

The inspiring, green, innovative WelcomeGate creates an immersive welcome situation for cruise passengers on their way from aboard the cruise ship into the destination with the ultimate aim of increasing travel experience and awareness for the destination.

With the Azoul Travel App, based on a context aware location platform, tourists receive instant real time guiding through the destination, individually provided on their own mobile devices. The session will show how the complexity of a destination can be managed by combining real-time databases in a customer-friendly way. Want to find out more about these unique solutions? Join this session.

Marc Burgdorff, Head of Tourism, TRIAD Berlin GmbH
Prof. Lutz Engelke, CEO, TRIAD Berlin GmbH & TRIAD China Ltd.
13:00 - 14:00

CLIA Executive Partner Program Briefing

If you are not already one of the 375+ member companies of the CLIA Executive Partner Program, we invite you to learn more about this exclusive, global platform that provides suppliers access to key cruise line decision makers and industry peers, with the aim to support them to grow their business, gain insight and expand their influence within the cruise industry.

Bo Larsen, SVP Strategic Partnerships, CLIA
14:10 - 15:00

How Technology Innovation is Shaping the Cruise Experience

Technology is an enabler to maximise the delivery of great customer experience. This session will present the latest technological offerings within the cruise industry.

Adam Coulter, UK Managing Editor, Cruise Critic

Bernd Richter,Senior Manager CRS, Rescompany System Ltd
Ingo Soerensen, Area VP, Global Cruise Sales, Oracle Hospitability
Richard McKinney, President of US Operations, RebelRoam
15:15 - 16:15

The Future of Expedition Cruising in Europe

The expedition cruising sector is booming following a vigorous global demand in the market. Currently there are 34 expedition ships on order, which accounts for almost one third of the orderbook. This session will provide insight into what energises the market, what challenges the sector is facing and where the growth opportunities are in the future.

Liz Gammon, Marketing Consultant & Industry Influencer,

Hans Lagerweij, President, Albatros International
Íris Hrund Jóhannsdóttir, Project Manger, Port Agency of Gára
Timothy Littley, Senior Director, Deployment & Itinerary Planning, Seabourn Cruise Line
Eva-Britt Kornfeldt, Director Cruise, Visit Svalbard & Visit Oslo
11:00 - 12:00

Lightning Pitch: What’s New at My Port/Destination

This session allows participating ports and destinations to showcase their best features in front of a panel of judges, and benchmark their products and services with their peers. Each of the participants will prepare a 90 second pitch using one PPT slide to demonstrate why they are cruise-ready and highlight any new features or updates at their port or destination.

Mary Bond, Group Director of Seatrade Cruise, Informa Markets

Judging Panel:
Zeljka Galik Cimic, Product Development Manager–Ocean Cruises, Scenic Cruises
Juan Trescastro, Senior Director, Itinerary, Destination and Government Relations, Virgin Voyages
Emilio Freeman, VP Destination, Revenue Management, SeaDream Yacht Club
Janina Graf, Contracting Manager, TUI Cruises

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