Exhibitor packages

There are a range of tailor-made packages available to suit your needs at Seatrade Europe.

Shell Scheme (min 12 sq m)

What is included?

  • Rear walls, 2.5 m high, white
  • Cabin, 1 m², with coat rack and lockable door
  • Circumferential lattice girder, upper edge: 2.5 m
  • Slide-in panel with company name as foil plot incl. 15 letters, height approx. 10 cm
  • Grosgrain carpet, in blue, red or gray (other colors on request)
  • 1 ceiling spotlight per 3 m² of stand space
  • 1 table, 4 upholstered chairs, 1 information desk, lockable, 1 bar stool, black, 1 wastepaper basket
  • 1 3 kW electrical connection, including socket, consumption and stand earthing
  • Daily cleaning (clean carpets, wipe tables and counters)
  • Daily Waste disposal (provision of a 60l garbage bag per day, incl. disposal)
  • Free exhibitor passes
  • Free visitor WiFi

Space only (min 12 sq m)

What is included?

  • An area of the exhibition space (no power, walls or carpet included, additional services can be ordered in the OSC)
  • Exhibitor passes free of charge
  • Free Wi-Fi

Newcomers Boulevard

(Only available for non-destination/tourism related exhibitors)

New to the cruise market? The Newcomers Boulevard is a dedicated area for companies and businesses new to the cruise industry. To make your first experience as enjoyable as possible, newcomers can take advantage of a tailor-made shell-scheme package; perfect for hosting those important meetings. This is not only an ideal way to experience the benefits of exhibiting at Seatrade Europe, but also very cost-effective.

Please note 
For technical reasons we regret that we are unable to allow exhibitors to build their own stand within the Newcomers Boulevard

Newcomers Boulevard (8 sq m) - What is included?

  • 8 sq m stand space in a dedicated Newcomers Boulevard
  • Continuous truss beam "Expo" incl. fascia board, white, incl. fascia lettering up to max. 15 letters in black, height approx. 10 cm
  • System back walls, height 250 cm, white
  • Carpet, rep weave in red
  • 1x information counter, 2 barstools, 1 waste paper basket
  • 1x 3 kW power connection, including flat rate for consumption and earthing
  • 3x ceiling spotlights (80 W)
  • Daily cleaning (rug, tables, info counter)
  • Daily rubbish pick-up (including provision of 1x 60l bin liners per day, incl. disposal)
  • Conference tickets at 50% discount

Destination Discovery Zone

Secure a low-cost, tailor-made kiosk package in a show floor area exclusively for new destinations at Seatrade Europe and expand your reach.

What is included?

  • 2x Back walls to the neighbouring stands (approx. H: 2.50 m, W: 1.00 m) including full-surface digital printing (upon submission of printable files)
  • Carpet in black
  • 2x Long arm spotlights
  • 1x Lockable information counter in white including digital printing on the front (approx. H: 1.00 m, W: 0.60 m, D: 0.40 m)
  • 2x Bar stools in white, 1x Waste paper basket
  • 1x Electrical connection including 1 socket and consumption
  • Daily cleaning (carpet cleaning, furniture wiping)
  • Daily rubbish pick-up (including 1x 60 l bin liner per day and waste disposal)
  • Free exhibitor passes
  • Free WIFI at the stand
  • Joint storage & meeting area
  • Invitation to the Seatrade Europe Party
  • 1x Social media post via @SeatradeCruise

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